Beyonce Was A Bumble Bee For Halloween! We Can't Even (PHOTO)

Credit: Splash News

Beyoncé's pretty much known as the "Queen B" when it comes to fashion/dancing/pop music/life, etc. and we're starting to think we know where she got that royal nickname. Homegirl can wear a goofy bee costume with some seriously unflattering horizontal stripes and still look stung-ing. Get it?! This stuff writes itself, guys.

The pregnant "Party" singer sported a cute insect getup paired with some stylish bee-striped heels while on her way to Kanye West's spooky bash at the posh Darby Restaurant in NYC. That's right, while the rest of us were at house parties bobbing for apples out of Tupperware containers and sharing communal bowls of homemade Chex Mix, famous people gathered to do the "Monster Mash" in five-star establishments. Actually, could we all just take a second and imagine the buzz B would cause tearing up the dance floor to "Thriller"? It must be hard bringing all that honey-sweet swagu to the party. </insect pun overload>