Fifth Unreleased Britney Spears Track Surfaces: '911'

Credit: Getty Images

Christmas Britmas came 'round early, y'all. In the past 48 hours we've been treated to FIVE unreleased Britney Spears tracks. Before we get into "911," since there's so many new Britney songs floating around, here's a little recap to help you keep up: Yesterday Britney's piano-driven ballad, "Everyday," was leaked. Earlier today, we got the chance to hear "Abroad," a song that relates a hot hookup to an international vacay, "Dangerous," a "Toxic"-style cheeky pop tune that kinda sorta reminds us of a James Bond film, and finally "Rock Star," a sultry tune that calls out a pompous guy with a bad attitude.

Now add "911" to the list of Britney songs we've never heard before. It's a laid-back, slowed-down R&B track that sounds like a stripped-back, midtempo beat over footage of an actual 911 call. (Real-life applications!) Not only is a siren sound looped and distorted, but just before she breaks into the hook we hear the sound of Britney dialing those three fated numbers: "9-1-1/I call you when I'm feeling lonely/9-1-1/Baby boy, come get right on/Put this fire out I'm burning." There are a few references to the touching of thighs and even a much naughtier reference that we would never, ever write about in an obvious or blatant way because we'd get a 911 call from our HR department. Anyway, the song's about emergency booty calling is what we're saying.

And so, the takeaway for today is the following: Even the "leftover" unreleased songs that didn't make it on to Britney's albums totally have hit potential.

+ Listen to Britney Spears' "911."