Video Premiere: Beyonce, 'Countdown'

Sometimes there are music videos that are driven by social change or political conviction. And other times there are music videos that feature vanity shots of the artist dancing around and looking really pretty. Beyonce's "Countdown" is one of those videos, and we ain't mad at it!

Given that Beyonce's pregnant (and showing!), right about now-ish's when most artists might take it easy. But Beyonce does the exact opposite in "Countdown" -- homegirl WERQUES IT OUT. As we saw in the "Countdown" preview earlier this week, Bey reenacts a series of iconic pop images in the video, from Audrey Hepburn's all-black everything (except for the socks) in "Funny Face" to a series of multi-colored Roy Lichtenstein-inspired beach girls, Norman Parkinson's Vogue-referencing images, to a mod montages reminiscent of The Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night." The full-length video expands on the pop culture concept: think "Grease"-inspired pajama party, a Supremes/Diana Ross hat tip, and a nod to dance movie classics like "Fame" and "Flashdance." (That last shot is SOOOO "Flashdance.")

While the song itself counts down what she likes about her man (there really is a ton to like about Jay-Z), the video schools viewers on where to turn for classic style --  the 60s, dance studios, and of course, Beyonce herself. In "Countdown," Beyonce reminds fans that she might be one of the most recognized modern day entertainers in the world right now, but she's also actively carving out a place for herself in pop's history books. And she makes it seem as easy as 1, 2, 3.

+ Watch Beyonce's "Countdown" video.

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