New Video: Elle Varner Featuring J.Cole, 'Only Wanna Give It To You'

Elle Varner certainly knows how to make an entrance. Her debut album Perfectly Imperfect hasn't even hit stores yet and she's already gallivanting around town with MTV Push Artist alum J. Cole. Okay, to be fair, the gallivanting is taking place in the music video for her new single "Only Wanna Give It To You," but whatever, it still counts.

Elle is only 22 but she's been surrounded by music ever since she was a kid. Born of two successful songwriters, Elle grew up in and around the recording studio, so it makes sense then that in addition to her sultry vocals, Elle is also a consummate songwriter. In fact, she co-wrote "Only Wanna Give It To You" with J.Cole himself.

In the video, a colorfully-styled Elle is seen prancing down a city street. She casually window shops and compares her potential new man to a perfectly styled shoe she just spotted: "Thought you were just another Romeo/The shoe you pass by in the store window/But soon as I got home, I wished I bought you instead/I got it bad I'll take the black/Take the navy and red." Next, Elle is personally presented with tons more shoe options, all of which she immediately rejects because none compare to her dude. In fact, all Elle really wants is J.Cole who conveniently pops up shortly thereafter: "You fly/So you're all I need to get high/You got it/So put your number in this camera phone/And we could live like the camera's on/No script though."

Her very own shoe concierge and a lengthy chill out sesh with J.Cole? Clearly, Elle Varner's on her way.

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