50 Cent Takes Us Behind The Scenes... At The Dentist! (PHOTO)

Credit: @50cent

Props to 50 Cent for utilizing Twitter to the fullest and employing those 140 characters for what they were initially meant for: Extreme oversharing! Yesterday WHILE IN THE DENTIST CHAIR 50 live-tweeted a picture from his exam saying, "This is my dentist brian kantor every time I see him he tells me there something else wrong lol." I totes feel your pain on this one, Fiddy. I've had like six root canals in the past five months, and I tank a bag of gummy bears every day only eat dark, leafy greens!

While I totally appreciate this behind-the-scenes shot, I'm worried 50 may catch a little flack from the haters who think this dental-themed overshare is TMI. So I'd like to come to his defense by saying that I, too, send the occasional tweet from the dreaded dentist chair! Clutching my BlackBerry during the examination calms my nerves, and a quick tweet (or six) helps take my mind off the fact that my whole damn face is numb, and there's a man invading my personal space while wearing smelly latex gloves and holding a power drill in my mouth. So let's cut Fiddy a little slack here, KAY? A visit to the dentist is emotional.

On the bright side though, 50, it looks like Dr. Kantor is doing a REALLY thorough job checking out your chompers and he seems to have a pleasant bedside demeanor! Things could be way worse.