The Buzz On: Allen Stone

Credit: Rachel Sumner

Allow me to be blunt: Allen Stone has the best effing voice I've ever heard, and there's no two ways about it. Perhaps it's because Allen is literally the son of a preacher man or because he was raised on gospel music, but Stone seems to possess one of the most powerful set of pipes we've heard in a hot sec. And the public agrees: Allen's new self-titled album hasn't even been out a measly 48 hours, and it's already No. 2 on iTunes' R&B/Soul Charts. Oh, and did we mention he's still unsigned? Baller status.

On Allen Stone, listeners are treated to a vast collection of soul records with modern-day production. Songs like his hit "Unaware" have hooks that are rooted in pop but also imbued with important social messages: "Everyday the deficit grows/You spend more than you own/Papa always said to me/'Keep a close eye on your authority.'"

In a recent Billboard magazine article, Allen said of his new disc, "I sing because of conviction, for whatever it is, whether it's politics or relationships. It really is what I'm dealing with personally in my life with my convictions, thematically. Sonically, it's a soul record.... People will listen to it and be like, 'Oh, this is a soul record.'" Actually, we'd like to amend that real quick 'cause we're pretty sure that when any HUMAN WITH EARS listens to Allen Stone they're gonna be more like, "Yo, this is OFF the chain. Allen Stone is the truth, y'all. PREACH!

+ Listen to Allen Stone and watch a live version of "Unaware."