New Song: Trey Songz, 'Top Of The World'

Credit: Getty Images

Trey Songz has been way busy, guys. In between collaborating with J. Cole on "Can't Get Enough," he's also found time to record "The Way You Move" with Ne-Yo and T-Pain AND "Out Of My Head" with Lupe Fiasco. And did we mention he's recording two brand-new mixtapes, "#Lemmeholdatbeat2" and "Anticipation II," out Nov. 1? Uhh, overachiever much?

Slated to appear on one of his forthcoming mixtapes, "Top Of The World" is panty-dropping music at its finest. In addition to Trey's sultry vocals, the track is of a classic slow jam variety, boasting smooth synths and some retro '80s-sounding drum patterns. Unlike other more blatantly sexual panty-dropping anthems (read: Sisqó's "Thong Song") Trey's is a subtle seduction. In fact, while Trey does sing about sex ("Staring at your body/Damn, your sexy body/I'm Trey, I came to play/I wanna use you as my hobby"), the overarching message in "Top Of The World" actually has nothing to do with a hookup in da club. Rather, Trey uses this song to send a message to his friends back home: "If I could/I would bring the whole hood to the top of the world with me/Here's my world for free/Tryna give you what you came to see." Aww, that's so sweet, Trey! Sharing is caring!

+ Listen to Trey Songz's "Top Of The World."