Happy Birthday, Gwen Stefani!

Credit: Getty Images

We're calling your bluff, Gwen Stefani. There's NO WAY today is your 42nd birthday. It's impossible. Where are you hiding them years?! To us, you're still the sexiest part of No Doubt. Just the other day we reminisced about your "Spiderwebs" moments (almost 20 years ago?!). You inspired girls to wear white tanks and go platinum while convincing us that it was no biggie to be the lead singer in a band full of dudes.

Even now, in your so-called "40s," you remind us that just because you're a mother, it doesn't mean you have to dress like one. You're still a fashion icon! Sure, you may be more interested in designing kids' clothes at the moment, but your years of success with L.A.M.B. speak for themselves. Coolest mom EVER.

So go celebrate your day! Maybe take your ridiculously adorable children out for ice cream or grab a bite with your insanely hot husband, Gavin Rossdale. Better yet, how about just strutting the streets with your gorgeous family to remind the rest of the world that you still got it while harboring the secret of everlasting youth. Happy birthday, Gwen!