Star Spotting: Jared Leto Is Still Perfection, In Case You Were Wondering

Credit: Splash News

Jared Leto was on hand for the party of the century, aka Kanye West's "Dw" fashion line debut at Paris Fashion Week this weekend, and he reminded us once again that he is perfection. No, seriously. He's like, carved from stone. And doesn't age. And smells like fresh baked cookies (probably).

Jared showed up to the premiere with his friend, celeb photog Terry Richardson, and even though they kind of seem like "The Odd Couple" to us, these two are kind of BFFs. And it must have been really sunny (in Paris at night?) because the Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman kept his shades on, but that could have been a paparazzi ploy. Also a ploy? That Jared Leto is some semblance of a human being and not actually an immortal robot from planet Why Don't I Know Any Guys Like That In Real Life.