An Open Letter To The Person Responsible For This Justin Bieber Wax Figure

Credit: Getty Images

First thing's first: In what universe does this wax statue look ANYTHING AT ALL like Justin Bieber? Call us crazy, but if you're the person responsible for creating a life-size wax statue of a real, living famous person, shouldn't you have at least SEEN the famous person beforehand? We don't know the inner workings of the wax figure industry, but that's just my hunch.

While most professions in the art field allow for some degree of creative license, yours, wax figure creator, is not one of them. The whole point of people foolishly happily paying money to enter a "museum" and take pictures next to replicas of real people made out of flammable material is that they're supposed to look EXACTLY like the celebrity in question. In this instance, it seems as though the middle-aged woman's hairdo mixed with the 40-year-old's man's eyes and the strangely womanly neck kind of completely missed the mark. Also, the hoodie should be purple and the undershirt should be gray, DUH.

We're not saying you don't have talent, wax man, as this "Justin Bieber" statue still looks like some semblance of a human. We're just saying like, check Google before you start your next project.

Thanks a bunch,

Me (and Justin Bieber)