Robyn Praises Prince, Teaches Us To Say 'I Love You' In Swedish

Lil Wayne may have taught us how to love, but Robyn's teaching us how to say the three most meaningful words of all. No, not "your pizza's here." "I love you," silly!

Before tonight's O Music Awards 2, where Robyn will headline the live online award show with one of her otherworldly, intergalactic dance-pop performances -- seriously, if you know of another living artist who can so flawlessly create swirling, swelling electronic dance music about the humanity of lost love that actually mimics the sound of human heartbreak the way Robyn does, then tell us how life is in space, because there's not a soul on this planet who does heartbreak dance music the way Robyn does -- we wanted you to better get to know more about the diminutive Swedish dance floor assassin.

We sat down with Robyn, who taught us a few helpful phrases in her native Swedish. They ended up being extremely helpful phrases -- "I love you" and "yummy" -- since we REALLY love Robyn, and we REALLY love to eat. And, since the O Music Awards are, in part, about celebrating digital music and its influences and inspirations, Robyn shared the early musical influences who shaped her as a fan and an artist -- Prince and fellow Swede Neneh Cherry, who "blew my mind, and she still does" -- and some of her favorite new artists, including Dominican rapper Maluca.

"Prince is always gonna be my No. 1 hero," Robyn said/ "He is something as rare as a male artist who never made me feel like an object as a woman even though he's always been very sexual," Robyn said of Prince.

Watch Robyn teach you Swedish phrases you NEED to know and discuss her musical icons, and don't miss her live performance at the MTV O Music Awards TONIGHT at 11:30 p.m. ET/ 8:30 PT at


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