Thirty Seconds To Mars Fan Makes SPOOKTACULAR Zombie Band Pumpkins!

Credit: @canuhandleme78

Fall back, boring triangle-eyed, gap-toofed pumpkins. Thirty Seconds To Mars fan @canuhandleme78 skillfully carved not one but THREE full-blown phenomenal pumpkins in the likeness of Tomo, Shannon and Jared, who are about to set a world record, FYI. And these aren't just three Tomo, Shannon and Jared pumpkins. They're 30 Seconds To Mars "zombie night" pumpkins, inspired by the band's Montreal show in May 2011, because you know the band loves a theme night.

This should serve as a friendly reminder that Thirty Seconds To Mars is coming for your brains, if they haven't already destroyed them. Also, Shannon, here's hoping that bloody gash healed up nicely! Happy Halloween!