New Video: Mindless Behavior, 'Girls Talkin' Bout'

Credit: Kareem Black/MTV

Tragically, I'm about 1 million years older than the boys of Mindless Behavior (approx.), and they've got more swag in their little pinkies than I could ever have. However, this deficiency does not preclude me from trying to reach Mindless Behavior's swag quota by meticulously studying their dance moves and having private karaoke sessions in my bedroom to the entire MB catalog. I'm being really open and honest here, guys -- DON'T JUDGE.

The most recent addition to my Mindless Behavior karaoke/dancefest is their brand-new jam "Girl Talkin' Bout." In the video, we see the Mindless Behavior dudes rock some seriously difficult dance moves (trust me, I tried them) while they try to impress some ladies. Each Mindless boy has their own solo dance vignette where they proceed to wear the coolest outfits and shades I've literally ever seen.

Toward the end of the video, Mindless Behavior grabs their best pals and meet a troupe of girls in the obligatory music video empty convenience store parking lot. They have a dance-off, and Mindless Behavior drips with swagu as they sing: "I hear them girls, girls, girls talking 'bout me every day/'Cause I walk with a bop and I got that swag to match my jays/They be like aye, aye, aye baby, meet me around my way baby/All the ladies love me, stay talking about me."

OK, seriously, WHAT kind of superhuman moms birthed these kids anyway? Definitely watching this video every day of my future pregnancy hope my future kids are this legit.

+ Watch Mindless Behavior's "Girls Talkin' Bout" video.