Star Spotting: Gwen Stefani's Halloween Costume Is WAY Cooler Than Yours

While you spent your Halloween weekend scrounging up any kind of costume you could put together from the random items in your closet because you were too lazy to go to the party supply store all week, Gwen Stefani was showing off her INSANELY AMAZING princess costume at a party in L.A. on Saturday. From top to bottom, Gwen's take on a fairy-tale princess is completely spot-on. It's kind of like her "What You Waiting For?" outfit but like, times 100.

OK, so maybe Gwen has a little bit of an upper hand when it comes to creating a Halloween costume -- homegirl runs her own fashion line L.A.M.B. (on top of being the frontwoman of No Doubt and a spending her days as a badass mom). Well, when you think of it that way, maaaaaybe you could have take the time out to pick up some angel wings or something.