Lady Gaga Has Orange And Mint Green Hair, Looks GORG (PHOTO)

Credit: Splash News

Usually, when you see a photo of a woman with multicolored hair, long pointy black nails, neon orange lipstick and a kaleidoscopic one-shoulder dress, you think, "That chick must be going to some masquerade event or something, right?" Yeah, no -- this theory does NOT apply when you're taking about Lady Gaga. In fact, we'd almost venture to say that the colorful ensemble worn by Mother Monster while addressing a press conference at The Taj Mahal in New Delhi, India, was borderline tame. It was even kinda, sorta, a little bit ordinary for the pop star who normally wears stuff like THIS and THIS and THIS. You get what I'm saying?

Lady Gaga's in India right now just, you know, being WORLD FAMOUS and stuff, and we're wondering if Gaga's colorful ensemble is perhaps a tribute to India's rich and vibrant history. (Even when her nails could literally slay you dead, Gaga is respectful of new cultures.) Also, we must point out that it's still pretty damn hot in India right now (like 86 degrees!), so while we would obviously be dripping with sweat and completely disheveled, Queen Gaga is as matte as can be. Hook us up with the foundation brand you're using, girl.