PHOTOS: Celebrities With Justin Bieber Tattoos!

Imagine if you woke up one day and everyone on the planet had a tattoo of Justin Bieber's face. (Nightmare or ultimate fantasy? Fine line.) While we hope this is actually only true for one man on the planet, we put our Photoshop skillz to good use and inked up some of our favorite celebrities. Like Britney Spears -- the ink on her arm definitely adds some street cred to the mostly squeaky clean pop star. But when you look closer and realize it's JUSTIN BIEBER'S FACE, you're all, "OMG NO. DO NOT WANT." OR DO YOU?

Take a look at some of our favorite celebrities with (totally fake) Justin Bieber tattoos. They'll make you laugh, they'll make you cry and they'll make you really contemplate the next band tattoo you're thinking about (that you'll pay a stranger more than $100 to ink on to your skin with a very painful needle). Also, feel free to co-opt this as a super lazy Halloween costume idea. We're not above that. When people ask what your costume is, you can just say "I'm a regular person with a tattoo of Justin Bieber's face. What does it LOOK like. Then roll your eyes, give them your best hair flip and walk away.


Credit all photos: MTV/Sean Gresens

This photo is like a "Where's Waldo?" for Justin Bieber's face! But when you finally locate it, you kind of wish you hadn't. We knew there was a special reason that Madonna spends so much time in the gym -- she needs to keep that face in place.

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Given that Gucci Mane already has AN EFFING ICE CREAM CONE tattooed onto his face IN REAL LIFE, a Justin Bieber tattoo on the other side of his face isn't that far of a stretch. Just make sure you tweet us some props when you go ahead with this one, Gucci.

There's not much outside of murder or animal cruelty that Ryan Gosling could do that would make us not want to marry him forever and ever. But if he got Justin Bieber's face on his forearm, we might need to reconsider. Wait, never mind -- they make sleeves.

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