Star Spotting: Miley Cyrus Is A Good Girlfriend

Credit: Splash News

We have to give props to Miley Cyrus. Considering the state of most child stars and what can happen to them after a few missteps, Miley has managed to make the transition to adulthood fairly smooth. Sure, she's done some things that all teenagers do she probably shouldn't have done near a video camera, but who hasn't? The camera roll on my phone is like 80 percent incriminating evidence, 20 percent photos of food. We're all human, y'all.

We have to give even more props to Miley for being a stand-up girlfriend. After tweeting a photo of a necklace she got with the letter "L" on it (for her boyfriend Liam Helmsworth), she put her money where her mouth is and actually wore it out! And she wore it to Kelly Osbourne's birthday party, but no need to get on a tangent about how fun it must be to be friends with Kelly Osbourne. A round of applause for Miley Bird, guys. I think she can actually be tamed.