Video Premiere: Hail Mary Mallon, 'Grubstake'

For more than 15 years, Minneapolis-based Rhymesayers Entertainment has been a stalwart of intelligent hip-hop, favoring daring, unconventional music over tired, commercial clichés. Continuing that tradition, the label released Are You Gonna Eat That?, the collaborative album between MC/producer Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic and Big Wiz, earlier this year and we've got the video premiere of the group's latest food-related video "Grubstake" below.

Frequent Aesop Rock collaborator Alexander Tarrant directed the video, which finds the trio downing burgers and sodas and using an inordinate amount of condiments. Filmed at the San Francisco diner that inspired the title, "Grubstake" finds Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic going back and forth between and within stanzas, conjuring classic Golden Era back-and-forths from Run-D.M.C. and The Pharcyde.

Tarrant's choppy, disorienting style articulates those 3 a.m. post-party nights at your local diner, when your brain is focused on nothing but food and ignores the hazy, painful (lack of) memories that lie ahead. Maybe that explains all the close-ups. Either way, "Grubstake" will make you starving or nauseated depending on your tolerance for fast food, but it's sure to leave an impression.

Are You Gonna Eat That? is out now on Rhymesayers.

+ Watch Hail Mary Mallon's "Grabstake" video.