Justin Bieber Visits A Children's Hospital, Simultaneously Melts Hearts (VIDEO)

Credit: Getty Images

If fans' hearts weren't already melted into gooey puddles from the news of Justin Bieber and his sweetie Selena Gomez adopting a puppy, then we're pretty sure the video from his recent visit to a children's hospital will cause THE ultimate flood of love. Bro is clearly on a mission to woo the world into mushy piles of tears, and we can't lie -- it's working.

Director Alfredo Flores recently posted a video on his Twitter of the "Mistletoe" singer visiting kids in a hospital. Bieber along with pal Sean Kingston surprised little fans in their hospital rooms while offering plenty of hugs and photo opps. If watching Justin Bieber take time out of promoting his upcoming Christmas album, Under the Mistletoe to hang with these sweet kids is already making you tear up, wait until he sings for them! One little girl asks for a tune, and Bieber delivers the most endearing "Baby" chorus to date, while another little guy steals the spotlight and sings for the superstar. There's not enough rainbows or unicorns in the world that equates to the sweetness of this moment.

Based on this video and the gigantic smiles from those kids, we're thinking Justin will make an awesome dad one day. But no rush, bro -- let's see how you handle that new pup chewing on those hot pink sneakers first.

+ Watch Justin Bieber visit a children's hospital.