New Video: Beyonce, 'Party'

If you were expecting a video for a Beyoncé song called "Party" to be about like, fantastical forest creatures or something, then you either do not know English or you know nothing about how Beyoncé gets down. As we saw in the "Party" video preview a few days ago, we knew we were in for a slo-mo backyard summer party featuring Beyoncé and some of her friends (including sister Solange and BFF Kelly Rowland). The full-length version does what Bey will be doing in about four months -- delivers! (Badum-ching.) Think "Why Don't You Love Me" but set in the '90s -- AKA, MOST EPIC PARTY EVER.

In her "Party" video, hostess with the mostess Beyoncé throws an old-school summertime budget backyard party in a trailer park for about 30 of her closest pals -- by "budget" we're taking plastic drink cups, blow-up pool toys and a good ol' "sitting on the toilet, doing my makeup myself" session (ladies, I know you feel me). But because she is Beyoncé and richer than everyone ever, she teases us commoners with a few touches of how she really parties: fur coats, designers shades and a gold party hat that probably didn't come from the drugstore.

J. Cole shows up to the get-together empty handed (some wine would have been nice, J), bringing nothing but his verse on the remix: "We out in Abu Dhabi, we like to party/We don’t cause trouble, we just ride Bugatti..." Beyonce and guests dance around him, continuing to live it up, and by the end of the video you're asking yourself why your parties aren't like Beyoncé's. Drippin' swaggu, indeed.

+ Watch Beyonce's "Party" video.