Star Spotting: Is Beyonce Giving Us A Baby Hint?

Credit: Pacific Coast News

We're no Sherlock Holmes, but maybe Beyonce's cluing us in on a tiny secret with her latest outfit. We already know homegirl is alllll about making some serious fashion references in her music videos, but what if her recent color choice is letting us in on a little secret (hint, hint). OK, do we have to spell it out -- does baby blue = baby boy?!

The "Party" singer was all smiles while being snapped strutting the streets of New York City a few days ago, and she was in some serious heels AGAIN! While showing off her baby bump, Bey also sported some MAJOR blue accessories -- a bright leather jacket and a matching polka-dot scarf -- that practically (maybe) screams, "Read between the threads, people!"

Beyoncé and Momma Knowles already know the gender of the little kiddo, but they won't spill the beans. So while there will be no official public confirmation, we imagine Beyoncé's just going to play with our minds through gender-specific fashion accessories during the next few months. BTW, B, if this is the color inspiration behind the gigantic nursery for the future baby, we totally approve.