Jessica Simpson Tweeted A Photo Of Herself On The Toilet


So yesterday, Jessica Simpson tweeted a photo of herself on the toilet. Not just any toilet. A toilet at Bergdorf Goodman. (FANCY!) Jessica's toilet tweet was accompanied only by the simple phrase "Short girl problems." And of course, we have just SO many questions about this scenario.

1.) Is photographing yourself in a restroom the new owling (which, obv, was the new planking)? Because Gaga is also guilty.

2.) WHY isn't Jessica Simpson wearing shoes, for the love? SHE OWNS A HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL SHOE COMPANY! OR is she shunning shoes because her feet are swollen due to her reported pregnancy?

3.) WHO TOOK THIS PHOTO???? Short girl problems mean you probably do not have go-go gadget arms with which to take a toilet self-portrait, right?

OH, Jessica Simpson. Despite the fact that we now know your feet don't touch the ground when nature calls, you and I both know I'm STILL going to love you forever. But please don't tweet another pic of you on the john. This is all I'm asking of you.