New Song: Wale Featuring Big Sean, 'Slight Work'

Credit: Getty Images

Put a siren sound in just about any song and we're basically obsessed (HELLO, Beyoncé's "Ring The Alarm"). Put a siren sound in a blazing hip-hop record and we're insta-ready for the club. "Slight Work," Wale's Diplo-produced new jam, features Big Sean and of course, some real-life siren noises. The rest of the track is sparse, leaving ample room for us to try to memorize the swagged-out verses from both Big Sean and Wale.

Wale's verse is up first, and it illuminates all the amazing qualities Wale believes he possesses: "Ain't nobody checking for your garbage/Lot of intuition, I ain't even finish college/Never hit the mall and forever get it all." And no, we're not going to interpret this verse as a narcissistic blackout episode. In fact, we're all about self-confidence up in here so if dude wants to rhyme on all his special gifts, so be it.

Big Sean's dapper, smooth flow mellows Wale's vibe but like his cohort, Sean chooses to rap about all the good ish his celeb status now affords him: "You make 25 a year/I make 25 a night, woah.../Probably in your girl's dreams/Probably in your daughter locker.../I’m one hell of a guy, looking down on a cloud/That's one hell of a high." OK, so maybe he could have slipped in a line or two about world peace. But the the truth is he probably could steal your daughter. Dads, watch yo backs!

"Slight Work" is slated to appear on Wale's forthcoming release Ambition, out Nov. 1.

+ Listen to Wale featuring Big Sean,"Slight Work."