New Video: The Black Keys, 'Lonely Boy'

Any day that includes a dance-inspiring new song is my kind of day. Also, those hummus pretzel containers -- highlight of my entire 9-5. That The Black Keys dropped a new song, "Lonely Boy," in conjunction with a fun video makes today officially effing stellar. The blues-rock-tipped duo of guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney are releasing their seventh (!!!) studio album, El Camino (produced by Danger Mouse), on Dec. 6, from which this little ditty hails.

The "Lonely Boy" video is a one-camera, one-shot deal focused on what looks to be one solitary man turning an office break into a dance break. While he mouths the words to the song (and I dare you to not do the same, with its "Whoa-oh-oh" sing-alongs and the catchy "I got a love that keeps me waiting" refrain), he takes us through some dance eras of yore. There's the "Twist" (ask your great-grandma), the "Molly Ringwald"/"Footloose" moves (ask your cool aunt) and those moves that John Travolta's busted out in every movie since 1977 or so. I think I speak for everyone except for like, Jay-Z when I say, "Why aren't my office breaks this fun?"

+ Watch The Black Keys' "Lonely Boy" video.