New Video: Taio Cruz Featuring Flo Rida, 'Hangover'

Credit: Getty Images

If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that Taio Cruz knows how to party. He also knows how to create chart-topping tracks, so why not combine these two talents? DUH, brilliant. Cue "Hangover," a foolproof pop song that's basically gonna have everyone in the universe wishing they could party like Mr. Cruz.

The raucous video documents an entire night of debauchery, and Taio is right in the eye of the storm. Decked out in a leather jacket and his signature square-rimmed shades, we learn that last night's festivities included (but were not limited to) copious amounts of drinking, two adult women sleeping in a playpen and a dude in a panda costume hitting on every chick in sight. Alcohol's a crazy drug, guys.

Flo Rida's cameo is in true baller style, as he moves the entire video shoot to the interior of a slick private jet fully equipped with liquor, hot babes and a strobe light. And as the video comes to a close, we see the true horrors aftermath of the previous night's escapades -- thongs are strewn all across the room, Taio is basically dead to the world, and somehow his boat ended up on the balcony of his effing HOUSE.

Hey, there may be some minor interior and exterior damage, but it's all in the spirit of a rocking good fete, right? Plus, dude's a rock star! You know he's got some mad insurance coverage for these kind of "accidents."

+ Watch Taio Cruz's "Hangover" video.