Katy Perry Throws Her ENTIRE Birthday Cake At Her Fans! (VIDEO)

It was Katy Perry's 27th birthday yesterday! In addition to having a full-on jealousy blackout over all of Katy's incredible accomplishments at such a young age, I also suggested a few activities Katy could do on her special day. But despite my great ideas of a "Real Housewives" marathon and eating the hell out of some sushi, Katy went a different route. She's too chic to spend the night in her apartment overdosing on refined carbs, anyway!

Instead, Katy Perry found herself on stage at Belfast's Odyssey Arena during a stop on her "California Dreams" tour. According to a video taken by an audience member, Katy's tour crew surprised her by getting the entire audience to sing "Happy Birthday." Then Katy's tour pals presented her with a massive cake, but after gracefully blowing out her candles, Katy decided that the right thing to do was throw the ENTIRE cake out into the audience. I mean, they were probably starving after dancing the whole night, right?

At the end of the video, you hear an exasperated Katy cry "DAMN!" (apparently she really hates surprises!). Sorry, but did you really think your tour fam was going to let your birthday go unnoticed? Not only do they love you, but you da boss-woman, girl. It's always a good idea to wish your boss a happy b-day.

+ Watch Katy Perry throw her cake at her fans!