Kelly Clarkson, Jessie + The Toy Boys, Sneaky Sound System + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week

It's time for another round of 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs for the Week!

Next week is Halloween! Are you ready? Do you have your costume yet? Wait, what? You're going as a bunny, too? Oh. Well, now I've got to think of another costume.

To celebrate, I thought I'd do a roundup of pop songs that... well, they've got nothing to do with Halloween. But they ARE pop songs! And isn't that all that really matters here?

Read on to hear about Miss Clarkson's finest, an offering from a Pussycat Dolls member that isn't Nicole Scherzinger (!), a major new debut by a K-Pop girl group coming to America...and more!

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1.) Kelly Clarkson, "Honestly"

On Monday, Kelly Clarkson released Stronger, her free-of-flaw fifth studio album. And as I promised in last week's wrap-up, I will not dedicate this week's entire Top 5 to the album (even though I want to and it totally deserves to be that way.) So instead, I'll just highlight my current favorite song. (BUT HOW CAN I CHOOSE JUST ONE?!)

"Honestly" was produced by Greg Kurstin, the same musical genius behind Lily Allen's It's Not Me, It's You, Sia's We Are Born and one of Ke$ha's best songs ever, "Animal." As the song's chilly electronica swirls in, Clarkson does what she does best, pouring her heart out on top of the spooky, atmospheric beat: "You can judge me, love me/If you're hating me, do it honestly," Clarkson pleads. Not only is it one of her most vulnerable vocals in years, but it's probably one of Clarkson's most emotionally honest, soul-bearing songs she's ever recorded. Devastating and perfect. + LISTEN TO KELLY CLARKSON, "HONESTLY"

2.) Sneaky Sound System, "Really Want to See You Again"

Australian dance-pop duo Sneaky Sound System have just set sail across the sea heading Stateside to release their brand-new studio effort, From Here to Anywhere: a bangin', gym-ready mix of BPM-raising '80s and '90s house beats, as well as classic disco gems.

"I don't want to think about you... but I really wanna see you again," the ever sassy lead vocalist Miss Connie coos on "Really Want to See You Again," an instant favorite from the collection. Set on top of a throbbing '90s house beat that brings all the classics back to mind, from Inner City to La Bouche. It's undoubtedly the juiciest, most danceable track about wanting to see someone again since -- well, since Miley Cyrus' classic, "See You Again." + LISTEN TO SNEAKY SOUND SYSTEM, "REALLY WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN"

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3.) Girls' Generation, "The Boys"

In case you haven't noticed, K-Pop is kind of seriously becoming a thing. Not only did Billboard just launch its own K-Pop chart in the U.S.A. earlier this summer, but some of South Korea's biggest solo acts and groups just performed at Madison Square Garden this weekend. It's huge! And helping the cultural charge Stateside? Girls' Generation (also known as SNSD), one of South Korea's most popular girl groups.

After releasing their massively successful international singles like "Gee," the Ke$ha-penned "Run Devil Run" and the awesomely titled "Mr. Taxi," the nine fabulous ladies of Girls' Generation (start memorizing their names and birthdays now!) are about to bring their act overseas.

To launch their American debut, the Korean cuties have unleashed "The Boys," which was recorded in both Korean and English. Crafted by Teddy Riley (Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga) the song finds the ladies flaunting some fierce attitude above a militant beat. "Bring the boys out!" the girls declare. It sounds like more than a few people are listening: As of today, the song's been floating in the iTunes Top 100. Get ready for the takeover! + WATCH GIRLS' GENERATION, "THE BOYS' VIDEO

4.) Jessie + The Toy Boys, "Let's Get Naughty"

Miss Jessie Malakouti, better known as the mannequin-minded mistress Jessie and the Toy Boys, is one randy lady. After releasing her über-rude lead single "Push It" back in February of this year and taking a brief trip around the country opening up on Brit Brit's "Femme Fatale" Tour, the SoCal-born pop tart is now planning her next dance floor assault with "Let's Get Naughty."

As one might have guessed, "Let's Get Naughty" is a searing statement piece regarding the ongoing worldwide economic crisis. JK: It's about doin' it, y'all! With enough chains and whips to keep RiRi dancing with delight and a juicy electro beat that would have old-school Gaga clutching for her disco stick, Jessie's leotard-loving mind goes to naughty new heights (or is it lows?) as she warbles above the slap-happy beat: "All my hos, touch your toes!" It's fun, it's flirty... and who doesn't love hearing a good whip crack now and again? + LISTEN TO JESSIE AND THE TOY BOYS, "LET'S GET NAUGHTY"

5.) Jessica Sutta, "Show Me"

Look: Scherzy Baby ain't the only Pussycat Doll that's doing well beyond the days of her girl group roots. Fellow ex-member Jessica Sutta is currently clawing her way up the Billboard Dance Club/Play Charts (now at No. 3!) with her delicious new dance floor anthem, "Show Me."

Sutta's brand new synth-pop explosion is all smoke machines and strobe lights, as the singer takes her man to task: "Love is not a gimme, gimme/If you really with me, you gotta show me, show me," the former Doll cautions during the chorus. It's a total smash! Even if she's no longer a part of all things PCD (RIP), Sutta's still snatching wigs and taking over the dance floor as a Club Queen in her own right. + LISTEN TO JESSICA SUTTA, "SHOW ME"

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