Star Spotting: Ashlee Simpson Goes On Dates In Leather Pants, Why Can't I?

Credit: Splash News

Ashlee Simpson and her boyfriend Vincent Piazza had a date in New York last night, and judging by this photo they look like the kind of couple you see sitting across from you at a restaurant looking all lovey-dovey and you immediately role your eyes. I believe this phenomenon is called "So cute I wanna barf."

Ashlee looks girl crush-worthy as always in an oversize sweater, matching black accessories and leather pants, while Vince kinda looks like the IT guy at your office (it's OK -- we know he cleans up well). Is it just me or do leather pants drive you crazy, also? They look so good on Ashlee, and then when you get the idea to get your own pair, the fitting room session suddenly turns into a sobbing session. The next thing you know, the salesperson is in the fitting room with you, peeling them off leg by leg and telling you everything's going to be OK. Maybe that's just my experience, IDK.