Star Spotting: Britney Spears' Backup Dancers Live THE BEST Lives

Credit: @britneyspears

Like you needed ANOTHER reason to want to go on tour with Britney Spears. Brit tweeted this photo of her hanging out with her backup dancers yesterday as she expressed her adoration for her crew: "Meet my dancers! Such talented and cool people. They are like fam. LOVE them all." Um, if I was one of those dancers, I'd Photoshop-on a big yellow arrow pointing to my face and retweet that every day for a year. Or five.

Not only are we totally jealous that these dancers get to hang out with Britney all day, every day as part of their job requirement, but another job requirement of theirs is WEARING SWEATS. I spot at least six sweatshirts in this photo, and that's a pretty high ratio. Oh also, let us remind you that all of these dancers probably make way more money than you.

To recap -- these people hang out with Britney Spears every day, they wear sweat attire on the job and they make tons of money. Too bad I ended my ballet career in the second grade after I got my first Nintendo. Sad face.