Video Premiere: We Are The In Crowd, 'Rumor Mill'

We Are The In Crowd eschews the "ripped-from-the-headlines" literal interpretation of rumors and hearsay in their "Rumor Mill" video, from their just-released Best Intentions album, and instead opt for a lighthearted approach to basic misunderstandings and life's little universal welp-today-sucks scenarios.

There's the splashed-with-mud snafu, the classic "old lady mistakes your altruistic assistance for a mugging" situation, and something involving a cat, a tree and a hard fall. But no one's as stuck as lead singer Taylor Jardine, who's literally trapped in an elevator but still finds time to showcase her pitch-perfect powerhouse vocals, which sound better than ever backed by Jordan Eckes, Cameron Hurley and Mike Ferri who crank out some finely synthesized power-pop chords and Rob Chianelli, who adds some expert drum fills and flairs. And the "Rumor Mill" video, directed by Kevin McVey, isn't just a series of misfortunes. Filmed in the former (and creepy and allegedly haunted!) Linda Vista Community Hospital in L.A. (where Paramore filmed their "Monster" video, by the way), the video features performances shots of the band in peak form.

Fortunately, despite a busted foot and top-down muddiness, all's well that ends well for We Are The In Crowd, who band together to save Taylor. Sorry to spoil the last scene, but we love a happy ending.

+ Watch We Are The In Crowd's "Rumor Mill" video, and after the jump check out a behind-the-scenes video from the "Rumor Mill" shoot.