We Have To Say Something About Aaron Carter's Off-Broadway Role!

Credit: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Nick's little bro Aaron Carter is taking his show on the road. And not just any road! He's headed to Broadway! Looks like Aaron's year is ending on a high note -- he started out 2011 with a rehab stay, but we're glad to hear he'll star in an Off-Broadway production of "The Fantasticks," according to Playbill.com. Lest you think this is Aaron's first trip to the acting rodeo, ladies, this Carter's a seasoned thespian. His previous roles include Broadway's "Seussical" and a 2009 stint on "Dancing With The Stars." (NOT that we have is IMDb profile memorized. Even though we do.)

Aaron will star as Matt in the Tom Jones- and Harvey Schmidt-penned musical, which happens to be the longest-running musical in the world. "Never in the 51-year-history of 'The Fantasticks' have we opted to cast someone with Aaron Carter’s level of fame, instead quietly enjoying our reputation for giving many future stars their first professional performing gig," Tom Jones (not this Tom Jones, by the way) said in a statement. You can check Aaron out at the Snapple Theatre Center beginning Nov. 7. If you see us -- we'll be the one hysterically screaming outside of side door waiting for Aaron to come out -- please do say hello!!