New Song: Wiz Khalifa, 'Rich People'

Credit: Darren Ankenman

Wiz Khalifa knows what's important in life: Diamonds! (We totally agree, by the way). And also smoking medicinal herbs that are basically illegal in all 50 states. But at least dude knows what he wants, right?

Wiz's new song "Rich People" speaks of his rise to fame and new found "cool" status amongst the wealthy elite. Set to Meek Mill's raucous "House Party" beat, Wiz raps about all the dope new stuff he has now that he's a celeb: "I smoke good every day/I probably live the life you wish you could every day.../But now I'm hoping off of jets/And these people cutting me checks.../These diamonds I got on/They are baguettes." But Wiz isn't fooled by any of it. He's totally hip to the fact that he's only invited to the cool parties 'cause he's got mad dough in the bank: "And I say people 'cause I'm rich/And rich people show me respect." Listen, even if you were going bankrupt, Wiz, I'd totally invite you to my party! Granted, there may be cheaper champagne and a significant caviar deficiency, but you're totally invited nonetheless.

And FYI, I too happen to have a penchant for baguette diamonds! So if you've got all this extra dough hanging around, feel free to send one my way. Platinum preferred, size 6!

+ Listen to Wiz Khalifa's "Rich People."