Video Preview: Beyonce, 'Party (Remix)'

Credit: Getty Images

We shouldn't even have to tell you that any soiree thrown by Beyoncé is gonna be the best party you'll ever be lucky enough to get invited to during your entire time on this earth. But if for some weird reason you don't believe us, then this preview of Beyoncé's "Party (Remix)" video should serve as proof enough.

In the 30-second clip, we see Bey throwing a kick-ass summer fete complete with beautiful flowers, colorful drinks and booming music. She reclines on a lounge chair in shades (LIKE A BOSS) in the middle of a backyard, showing off her hot bikini before hopping in the pool to cool off with her pals. By "pals" we actually mean her famous sister Solange Knowles and pal J.Cole who also contributes some new swag to the updated "Party (Remix)." Oh, and Kelly Rowland is slated to make an appearance in the video, too. It's like "Where's Waldo? Friends Of Beyoncé" edition.

+ Watch a preview of Beyoncé's "Party (Remix)" video below, and catch the full version when it premieres Wednesday, Oct. 26 on BET's "106 & Park."