PHOTOS: The Happiest Photos Of Kanye West!

When I think of the word "serious," I think of three things: my addiction to hummus, this GIF and Kanye West. Being hard as a motherf***er is HARD, guys. You need to have your game face on at all times! But even Kanye West slips up sometimes -- he smiles. Yes, there have been several occasions where Kanye has smiled like a real, live civilian. While it doesn't happen that often, we scrounged the internet for the best Happy Kanye photos, and we compiled them for your viewing pleasure.

During our intensive search, we realized that Kanye West is most notably happy when he's a.) wearing sunglasses and b.) at a fashion show. Some of our research even led us to photos of Kanye wearing sunglasses AT fashion shows -- SMILIN' FROM EAR TO EAR, y'all. Check out a few of our favorite smiley Kanye photos below, and see them all at BUZZWORTHY'S HAPPIEST PHOTOS OF KANYE WEST PHOTO GALLERY!

Credit all photos: Getty Images

Kanye West smiling WHILE holding a bouquet of roses? As my grandma would say, "Now I've seen it all."

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NERDY SMILING KANYE WEST ALERT! NERDY SMILING KANYE WEST ALERT! Part Pee-wee Herman, part 808s & Heartbreak. In other words, I'm in love.

What did we tell you about Kanye West in sunglasses at a fashion show?! Happy Town, U.S.A.! Add in a dash of Kelly Osbourne and you even get a "thumbs-up."

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