Watch Episode 2 Of 'The MTV Iggy Show,' Featuring Ximena Sarinana

So remember last week when we told you about "The MTV Iggy Show," which sees actress and sword swallower Heather Holliday travelling the world to hunt down the coolest music acts from around the globe? Well, welcome to Episode 2 of "The Iggy Show" with artists from Mexico, Nigeria and Brazil.

First up, we've got Ximena Sarinana, a Mexican indie-pop singer who's already gone platinum in her home country. Sarinana sings in Spanish and English and has been starting to get a nice buzz stateside. Next up is Nigerian singer/rapper Nneka, whose music melds the soul of Lauryn Hill with traditional Nigerian rhythms. If you haven't heard the singer's ridiculously catchy 2008 hit "Heartbeart," just take three minutes and listen. Then listen again. Finally, we go down to Brazil to meet electronic music producer Gui Boratto, whose 2007 dance music anthem "Beautiful Life" blew him up and now allows him to play in front of 30,000 people. He admits that the original vocals, sung by his wife, were "super cheesy" at first until he asked her to lay down on the sofa and recorded her. A hit was born.

Sure, we're biased but trust us: "The MTV Iggy Show" is quickly becoming your weekly stop to get up to date on all the latest musical around the world. It's kinda like your passport to musical cred. Watch now. Thank us later.