Star Spotting: Is Jessica Simpson Trying To Tell Us Something?

Credit: Pacific Coast News

With pregnancy rumors swirling around her, Jessica Simpson fueled the fire when she stepped out in New York earlier today in a loose-fitting top with her hand over her stomach. While everyone is still waiting for an official pregnancy announcement, isn't the ol' "hand over the stomach" move universal for "I'm expecting, y'all"? It was the last time we checked. On the contrary, maybe not. I spent half of my weekend with my hand over my stomach -- jalapeno poppers after 2 a.m. are NEVER OK.

Pregnant or not, Jessica looked chic in all-black everything save for yellow shades and a leopard-print purse, which we are coveting LIKE WHOA. In her defense, maybe Jessica doesn't know that EVERYONE's talking about her supposed bun in the oven. Maybe her internet has been out for a month? Or perhaps she hasn't been inside of a drugstore/grocery store/gas station/any other place in America that carries magazines for a few weeks? In case she is pregnant and just waiting for the perfect time to say something, may we suggest during an award show?