Beyonce & Jay-Z's Baby Nursery Is Apparently (B)ENORMOUS!!

Credit: Getty

It seems that Destiny's Child's child is to be nurtured and attended to in a nursery so enormous that it rivals the square footage of our parents' house in the suburban Philly. A nursery that measures around 2,200 square feet, in fact. reports that Jay-Z and Beyoncé are adding a "gargantuan nursery to their New York City home, so the little one can sleep and poop in style." (LOL!) It seems, in the sage words of Jay-Z, there will be some "love, in the heart of the city" for this little tyke, certainly in terms of real estate.

We envision a most Regina George of "Mean Girls" spread for Beyoncé's baby, which is due February 2012. We hope this room alone will spark the creation of a new MTV show called "Baby Cribs" so we can get a tour of the finished area, in all its decked-out glory, Diaper Genie and all! I mean, you wouldn't expect offspring of this caliber to endure tummy time in a pedestrian nursery room, would you? This baby is AMERICAN ROYALTY and requires a suite!

Even at his/her crankiest, Jay-Z and Beyoncé's baby (Baybeyoncé!) may have 99 problems, but a pimped-out chamber surely won't be one. This news effectively answers the age-old question as posed by Beyoncé: Who run the world? JAY-Z AND BEYONCÉ'S BABY. From his or her extremely major infant headquarters.