New Song: Big Time Rush, 'Music Sounds Better With U'

Big Time Rush's new album, Elevate, isn't out until Nov. 21, and needless to say, the wait has been really tough on both our hearts and minds. We were momentarily taken out of our misery when we got a preview of BTR's supersweet pop jam "If I Ruled The World," and today, some of our sanity is again restored thanks to "Music Sounds Better With U."

In typical BTR fashion, "Music Sounds Better With U" is a beyond addictive, polished and sugary pop song that's ready for da club -- nonalcoholic beverages only, though. Tightly layered synths and guitars pair perfectly with the track's vocals, and as the best Big Time Rush jams do, the boys sing of their love for a girl who just makes everything so much better: "No sweeter sound/Than what I've found/No perfect love/Could be more perfect than us.../It feels like/The music sounds better with you, baby/It feels right/Everything's better with you." Oh, and if you thought this song kinda sorted sounded a little familiar, that's because it samples Daft Punk's 1998 smash "Music Sounds Better." The boys told Ryan Seacrest about the sample when he premiered their new song on his website: "We took that and made it our own. We are really excited about it."

Not to pause our swoonfest over this song, but we just realized that we have yet to cast this kind of magical spell over any boy, let alone four hot famous ones. The girl the song's about must be what, 18? I'm old enough to be her mother cool older sister, so if she could let me in on her boy-snagging secrets, it would be totally helpful. Just sayin'.

+ Listen to Big Time Rush's "Music Sounds Better With U."