Star Spotting: Katy Perry And Russell Brand Bike Through NYC In Somewhat Normal Clothing!

Credit: Pacific Coast News

Most people would probably put Katy Perry in the "so famous she can never leave her house without being bothered" category, but it seems like the "Firework" singer doesn't really care. She took to the streets of New York City this weekend with husband Russell Brand for a leisurely fall bike ride. Because yes, if I wanted a relaxing bike ride on the weekend, I would also choose the serene, calm roads of Manhattan. (That was a joke.)

Katy and Russell went incognito, each sporting sunglasses, hats and scarves, but we're guessing Katy's now famous pink hair (and probably the Mickey Mouse-inspired beanie) outed the couple pretty quickly. Also, are those leather pants, Katy? We know you're like, the queen of incredibly uncomfortable outfits, but they make these things called "jeans," and they will seriously change your life. You can bend in them! You can jump! You can sit with ease! And they're pretty great for bike rides -- look into them.