New Video: FreeSol Featuring Justin Timberlake, 'Role Model'

Credit: Getty Images

Look, we're not quite sure why Justin Timberlake feels the need to pussyfoot around and delay his big music comeback. Everyone wants it, nobody's happy when he's not singing, blah, blah, blah. And it's not even like he's totally out of the musical spotlight either! He taunts us! This summer, he sang like, 15 beauteous seconds in his "History Of Rap Part II" with Jimmy Fallon, and today he kinda sorta does the same thing by rapping in the video for FreeSol's "Role Model."

Shot in black and white, the video opens with a shot of Justin looking super effing hot. The beat comes in, and it's a grungy, grimy and angry hip-hop track, which serves as the perfect backdrop for Justin's blazing rhymes: "Come here, baby/Tell me what you're doing with him/I bet you won't be/When you catch up to my rhythm.../Don't be fooled/I ball like a Laker."

For the rest of the video, Justin walks around like a boss smashing things, tearing down fences, making "I'm a rapper now" hand gestures and lighting random stuff on fire. He meets up with FreeSol in an abandoned warehouse, where they both proceed to hit the crap out of the walls with hammers, flirt with babes, and watch as the remaining residents in town go nuts, destroying everything in sight. Admittedly, I'd much prefer to watch Justin sing a sultry pop ballad to me a hot girl, but I will literally take any Timberlake I can get!

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