Star Spotting: Selena Gomez Undergoes Dramatic Makeover!

Don't worry, Selena Gomez fans, this photo is really the same sweet "Love You Like A Love Song" singer we all know and love underneath all that chola-inspired hair and makeup. Selena got all early 2000s Gwen Stefani on us in the video promo for her upcoming hosting gig at the 2011 MTV EMAs. And like, girl, we didn't know you could get down like that! This is some O. G. ish for real!

In the promo, we see our usual cute Selena talking to herself in the mirror, trying to pump herself up for her big hosting job. But then the reflection staring back at her is her gangsta alter ego. And we have to say it's incredibly convincing! After seeing her break it down the in the promo, we're probably not the only ones thinking that we want to see more of this Selena. Come on! Chola Selena + Shawty Mane (Justin Bieber's rap alter ego)? True love forever.

+ Check out Selena Gomez's MTV EMA video promo below, and catch the show Nov. 6, airing live from Belfast, Ireland!

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