Star Spotting: Pregnant Beyonce In A Somewhat Comfortable Outfit

Credit: Pacific Coast News

Finally, Beyoncé! We were seriously going to have to intervene at some point. Ever since she announced her pregnancy during the 2011 VMAs, we've seen Queen B in nothing but stilettos and miniskirts. And it's not like she was in sweatpants or anything (HEAVENS, NO!) when she was photographed earlier today running errands in NYC, but at least she's wearing some semblance of a T-shirt. She's still got her hair and nails done, OBVS, but this is THE girl that runs the world we're talking about.

I don't know what it's like to be pregnant, but I do know what it's like to eat almost a pound of frozen yogurt in one sitting. You go to put on your pants the next morning, and you're like, in a fetal position crying in the corner. So I would imagine when your little guy or gal starts to grow, it's a tad frustrating not being able to fit into your usual wardrobe. But now is the time, Beyoncé and all other preggers ladies! Rejoice in the lack of restraint! Pizza! Cheeseburgers! Two sleeves of Oreos! And try doing us a solid and opting for the leggings instead of the denim, and making the rest of us nonpregnant people feel a little better about our outfit choices.