Honor Society: 'A Tale Of Risky Business Part 2' Album Sneak!

Honor Society's following up the 2009 release of their debut album, Fashionably Late, with their second full-length album, A Tale Of Risky Business Part 2, out Oct. 25. Now, dedicated Honor Society fans will recognize the new Adam Blackstone-produced (Maroon 5, Eminem, Jay Z) album's title as a nod to their 2008 EP, A Tale of Risky Business. Well it turns out there was even more risky business to attend to. Seven songs' worth. And we're honored (see what we did there?) to be premiering four of Honor Society's new songs -- "Living A Lie," "One Of A Kind," "Wherever You Are" and "Hurricane" -- on Buzzworthy.

Honor Society's new tracks suggest that the L.A. soul-pop band spent the time between their last album and this one honing their craft and perfecting a more sophisticated -- and more funked-up -- sound. And they reveal the band's willingness to experiment with everything from subtle, nuanced strings and electro textures to amped-up, arena-ready choruses, referencing everyone from Jason Mraz to Maroon 5 to Kanye West.

But let's get down to business, shall we? Listen to four brand-new Honor Society songs, and pre-order A Tale Of Risky Business 2.



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