New Video: Coldplay, 'Paradise'

Credit: Redferns

Personally, I'm not one for stuffed animals, but a really cute stuffed elephant is the main character in Coldplay's new video "Paradise," and it's totally pulling at my heartstrings. To clarify, when we say "stuffed elephant" we actually mean lead singer Chris Martin in a full-blown, plushie elephant costume. Not exactly what we were thinking when we first heard "Paradise," but hey, we don't direct music videos.

"Paradise" is a melancholy tune about a girl trying to find her way in the world, so we never would have guessed that the video's main protagonist would be a man in an elephant costume. But playing on the theme of trying to find your way back home, the video documents the sad plight of an elephant who, when we first meet him, is just another animal in the zoo. But he soon escapes and takes a bike, the London tube, and a plane halfway across the world to get to his final destination.

As the song plays, "And so lying underneath those stormy skies/She'd say, 'Oh, I know the sun must set to rise'/This could be para-para-paradise," the elephant arrives back to his natural habitat where his fellow (people dressed as) elephants welcome him with opens arms. They embrace one another and everything and everyone live happily ever after -- animals and humans coexisting as one! Pretty sure this video is Jack Hannah approved.

+ Watch Coldplay's "Paradise" video.