Star Spotting: Taylor Swift Owns Every Sparkly Dress In The World

Credit: Splash News

Taylor Swift took a little time off of covering every band ever on her "Speak Now" tour to dress up all fancy-like for the unveiling of her fragrance "Wonderstruck" at a Sephora in California. And, like we need to say it, but daaaamn, girl! She's looking straight-up model-y here! Legs for days! Hubba, hubba! Etc.!

The "Sparks Fly" singer was sporting a cute gold A-line dress with matching sparkly shoes, and she opted for an updo and her usual red lip. Real quick--am I the only one who's wondering where Taylor Swift's own line of sparkly dresses is? Pretty much every celebrity on the planet has a clothing line right now, so it only makes sense for Taylor to dive into the market as well. And hello, she like, RUNS the sparkly dress game! She knows everything about sequins and glitter and everything in between, and I'm pretty sure 90 percent of high school seniors would rock some Taylor Swift Sparkle for prom.

Yo Taylor, no need to pay me for this idea, but ship me one of your frocks and we'll call it even. You're welcome.