Watch Full-Length Performances From Mac Miller's 'Live In Chicago'

Live hip-hop has long been a dubious endeavor, with wonky sound, overused guests and less-than-punctual artists usually defining the event more than the actual music. Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller, though, has been bucking the trend, delivering potent, energetic performances around the country. Don't believe us? Check out footage below from the 19-year-old's recent performance at Chicago's House of Blues.

As the clips reveal, Miller's fans are a devout bunch, spitting every word back to him and raising their hands with messianic fervor. On his recent "Blue Slide Park" tour, the rapper performed old fan favorites "Best Day Ever" and "Knock Knock," as well as "Smile Back" from his forthcoming debut album Blue Slide Park. Judging by the crowd, they were ready for his album to drop like, yesterday.

Blue Slide Park is scheduled for release November 8 via Rostrum Records.

Check out videos from Mac Miller's "Live in Chicago" below, and peep photos from the show.

+ Watch Mac Miller's "Best Day Ever" (remix) live.

+ Watch Mac Miller's "Senior Skip Day" live.

See more videos from Mac Miller's "Live in Chicago" show after the jump.

+ Watch Mac Miller's "Smile Back" live.

+ Watch Mac Miller's "Knock Knock" live.