Mama, I'm In LOVE With Britney Spears' 'Criminal' Video: THE GIF WALL!!!

First thing's first: Britney Spears looks absolutely phenomenal in "Criminal" (and I don't even like girls). I don't know her, and I've never met her, but I can't help but feel so happy for her after watching this video. I'll be honest: The song had me confused at first because I didn't really understand why she was singing about a "criminal" in her life. But after seeing the video and its twist on the concept, I'm in love!

My favorite part of this video has got to be the ending. The slow motion, the bullets missing them as they passionately kiss one another... It's so nice seeing Brit find love again! It's like an A-list home movie that I have front row seats to. *tear* Alright... Enough with my emotional rambling: Let's get to the rest of the GIFs!

Check out our Britney Spears "Criminal" GIF Wall after the jump!

Be right back, I'm going to go hair flip in my doorway.