Star Spotting: Katy Perry Hearts Pink More Than You

Credit: Splash News

We've seen Katy Perry do pink before, but our main homegirl took on all shades of the hue while heading out for a night on the town with her mother-in-law in London recently. Perhaps Katy's just being a cautious pedestrian and wants to keep safe while walking the streets at night in a foreign country. To ensure cars and spaceships from light-years away bikes are able to see her clearly, Katy forgoes that cheesy reflective tape joggers wear (no offense) and opts for traffic-stopping florescent fashion. Form + function, guys. Ever heard of it?

Actually, we can learn a lot from the "Firework" singer's outfit, like how to properly match many shades of one color in a wardrobe. First, pair a "Petal Pink" dress with with a "Watermelon Blush" cardigan. Next, swoop the fuschia 'do in to an elegant bun and top off the entire look with "Highlighter Pink" lipstick. Finally -- it feels so good to be able to pass on my useless incredibly impressive color naming talents. On a related note: Anyone else craving some Bazooka?

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