Lance Bass' Maybe-Fake New Boy Band Heart2Heart Is (Facebook) Officially Weird


There's a new comically ridiculous so-bad-it's-good internet sensation in town! This is no male Rebecca Black counterpart situation -- it's a new BOY BAND, for which society as a whole is sorely DUE. Under the tutelage of Lance Bass, who's obviously educated in the ways of boy bands that dress alike, Heart2Heart has hit the scene with a new single and video called "Facebook Official."

As Village Voice blog Sound of the City points out, the video's aesthetic looks more than a little like that of a well-known song that begins with a "B" and ends with an "eye Bye Bye" by those talented kids of yore, *NSYNC. "Facebook Official" explores modern courting rituals and lays out the rules for declaring BF/GF status, which, as we all know, is via a Facebook relationship status update. "Facebook Official" includes such lyrical triumphs as "Could you confirm this request/Agree to the terms of service" and "Status update, what/Checking out pics of your butt." Poetic! Color us CHARMED. We will agree to THAT term of service, STAT. And MAN, calling the Justin Timberlake-backed MySpace dead takes MOXIE!

As for the group, Billboard confirms they have a choreographer, acrobat and, in a page swiped from Justin Bieber's book, a "Swag General." Spiky hair? Check. Fanciful, non-ironic highlights? Check. Better manicured eyebrows than ours? CHECK. Loving your handiwork, Lance.

But finally, is Heart2Heart a joke? I mean, one member's real name is Cody Saintgnue, but he goes by "Pete." Also, we think one of them might be a girl, which is, of course, fine! But one thing's for sure: "Put a heart on your page" is the new "put a bird on it."

+ Check out Heart2Heart's "Facebook Official," and let us know what you guys think. Is Heart2Heart pure parody or pure PARTY? Tell us!