Star Spotting: Katy Perry Makes Phone Booths Useful Again

Credit: Splash News

We love Katy Perry's enthusiasm for clothing inspired by her surroundings. She proudly boasted her inner Carmen Miranda while arriving in Brazil, got spooky at the haunted Knott's Berry Farm and just recently showed folks how to make long-distance calls into a fashion statement by wearing a print of England's iconic red telephone booth on her dress. That's so vintage -- no one uses pay phones anymore!

The "E.T." singer took to the streets of London wearing a beige trench coat over the British-centric outfit and topped off the ensemble with a leopard print beanie that clearly pays homage to her new feline-centric fragrance, "Meow." We're starting to think that Katy's taking some notes from Lady Gaga and turning all her outfits into totally weird poignantly thoughtful metaphors.

With Perry currently on the European leg of her "California Dreams" tour, we can only imagine what future stops will inspire for the wardrobe. We're rooting for high heels made of Eiffel Tower replicas! Or like, a pizza dress. Wait -- A PIZZA DRESS? BRB, patenting that!!!!!